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The Sandbox

The Sandbox is our retail space and live music listening room, just across the hallway from our workshop in Kalamazoo's Edison Neighborhood.
We're regularly open Tuesday-Friday noon-6pm for you to pick up strings and other guitar accessories, check out the instruments we currently have for sale (ones we've built and ones we love), or drop off/pick up your instrument for repair.
About once a month, The Sandbox becomes a listening room, taking the house show and placing it inside our historic industrial building.  Yummy treats, great vibes, killer music.  Next up: Newberry & Verch on Thursday, March 5th
We'd love to see you in The Sandbox, trying out a guitar, grooving along to some live music, or just swinging in to say hi.  Join our mailing list to learn about special deals, upcoming events, and future shows - help us keep musicians making and performing great music!

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