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Here's a list of some of the repairs we offer at Kal-Tone.

*note -  All potential repairs require a Repair Evaluation before we can offer solid costs and options available.  Guitar necks often have inconsistencies.  Excellent playability is only guaranteed with full fret leveling or refret.  Please notify clerk of string and playability preferences.  

Repair Evaluation and Estimate - instrument receives a written 10 pt check along with an overall evaluation of condition, work needed, repair options, cost estimates, and completion dates.  $10 (is applied to any setup costs if checked in for work)

Insurance Appraisal - written/emailed report of specifications, age, condition, work needed with costs, photographs, and current replacement value.  $50  

Add $20 for electric floating tremolo and 12string guitars.

Restring - remove old strings, clean and oil fretboard as needed, tighten tuners as needed, install new strings and tune/stretch.  $20 ($10 with other repairs)

Neck Adjustment - recommended twice per year, about one month after starting/stopping home heating cycles.  $10

Basic Setup - restring plus… adjust neck, calibrate nut slots, adjust saddle/string height, set intonation, check/lubricate electronics, clean finish.  $60 ($40 with other repairs)

Fretwork Setup - basic setup plus… 20 min of fretwork (file/crown/machine buff individual high/dented frets) $90  ($70 with other repairs)

Fret Level and Dress - Basic setup plus… level all frets with precision straightedge/crown/bevel fret ends/buff to mirror finish.  $150


Detached or Cracked Brace - clean joint and reglue  $50

Acoustic Crack - set/glue crack with individual spruce cleat or strip $60.  Add $25 if over 3”. Add $15 to humidify (approx 1-2 weeks)  Does not include finish touchup.  

Bridgeplate Patch - worn out bridgepins holes are cut concave on the bridgeplate and plugged with matching wood and sanded flush.  $110

Broken Headstock - cracked headstock is glued without finish touchup.  Missing wood is rebuilt with filler/glue. $75 and up.  Detached headstock $125 and up. Finish touchup approx. $75 if lacquer compatible

Detached Bridge - remove bridge, chemically remove old glue, refit, reglue.  $125

New Acoustic Bridge - make/install new bridge (ebony or rosewood) $275

Nuts and Saddles

New Bone Nut - remove old nut, clean out slot, custom fit new piece, sand/buff to high gloss.  Overall spacing is replicated (unless otherwise requested) with graduated string to string spacing).  Specify bleached or unbleached bone. $100 plus $6 material Add $20 for 12 string. ($70 if combined with refret)

New Bone Saddle - custom fit piece matching fretboard radius, intonated, sand/buff to high gloss.  $65 plus $6 material.  

Shim Low Nut - remove nut (not responsible for breaks with non-bone material) and shim/reglue, recut slots.  $45

UV Fill Low Nut Slots - bone nuts only.  $60

Reposition Saddle Slot (correct intonation or convert to lefty) - fill slot with like wood, route slot.  $125 does not include new saddle

Lower Bridge - only done to ½” on USA made guitars, or further on overbuilt instruments that can withstand structural compromise.  $40

Fit Archtop Bridge - full contact of bridge base to soundboard.  Cost may increase for warped contact points.  $70

May require new or shimmed nut if height difference is extreme.  If instrument has been previously refretted poorly, it may require rebuilding missing wood along fret slots.  $10/fret slot or $100 max.  

Partial Refret - “fist position” denting frets replaced up to #7.  $200  

Full Refret - customer’s choice of available fret sizes.  $400 bound, $425 unbound. Add $45 for EVO wire.  Add $65 for Stainless Steel. Add $50 and up for fretboard straightening/slot recutting.  


Strap Button - $15 labor plus parts.  Includes felt washer.

Install New Tuners - $20 direct fit.  Add $20 to plug/redrill holes.  Does not include restringing. 

Heavy Cleaning - removal of oils on top of finishes.  $40. Scrape fretboard with razor and oil $20.  


Troubleshoot - determine source of electrical issue and provide repair options.  $30

New Output Jack - rewire and install new standard electric guitar switchcraft USA output jack, nut and washer.  $25 Part - $3    

Acoustic “barrel” switchcraft jack - $40    Part - $17 additional charge to replace wire clips.

Install K&K - permanently glue pickup to bridgeplate and drill out tailblock.  $60   

Add $25 to direct wire volume control.

Replace Electric Pickup or Control - $60 for one, $30 for each additional (does not include the cost of parts).  Remove strings, clean electronics. Does not include restring.  Discount $10 if combined with setup.

Custom Modification - requires evaluation.  

Treble Bleed - $25 with easy access.  $40 for “strat” style setup, discounted if done with setup.

Discount $200 for satin finish.  Certain finishing projects may cost more or be declined at our discretion.  Does not include setup costs.

Refinish Electric or Archtop - high gloss buffed nitrocellulose lacquer $750.  Body or neck only $500

Refinish Acoustic - includes bridge removal $1,000

Tru Oil Neck - $275

Lacquer Touch Up - minimum $60