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Sandbox Concert - Laurel Premo Trio

Laurel Premo is known for her rhythmically deep and rapt delivery of roots music on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and vocals. She is a Michigan-based artist who has been writing, arranging, and touring since 2009 with vocal and instrumental roots acts, and is internationally known from her duo Red Tail Ring.

The Laurel Premo Trio dives deeply into both traditional and new fiddle music, musically revealing a bloom of underlying harmonic drones, minimalist repetition, and rich polyrhythms. Responding to Premo?s fiddling is the metrical yet wavelike sustain of electric and acoustic guitars and an extreme second fiddle ? double bass. Premo fully leans in to the archaic fiddle melodies and in-between intonations that connect folk sounds to the mystic and unknown.

The Iron Trios (October 2019) a self-produced record, marks Premo?s second major instrumental release. Her voice as an arranger is singular as she creates a new landscape by combining walking-paced traditional fiddle repertoire with finger style guitar, unearthing polyrhythms and intonation choices that connect back to banjo and old blues roots in American music. Premo?s nature to produce harmonically huge arrangements with deep-bodied pulse will be fully revealed on tour with blues and slide guitarist Shari Kane and double bassist Jacob Warren.

Sandbox Concert - Laurel Premo Trio

$ 20.00
$15 pre-order tickets. $20 night of Includes light refreshments